Whai Rawa is changing!

The Whai Rawa fund is changing! We’re expanding your options and making your member experience better.
New fund, new administrator, new options, new experiences.

Limited Service Period - read more
What do I need to know?

As we change from our existing Account Administrator to Mercer, some of the services we usually provide will be limited.  This will impact some of our usual services from 26 September through to around 21 October 2019. This is because we need to move all the information on our members and their accounts to our new Administration Provider.

Will my withdrawal application be affected?

If you are thinking about requesting a withdrawal around the end of September or early October, then you should make your withdrawal request asap or be prepared for a slightly longer processing time than normal. If neither of those options would work for you, please get in touch as we will still be able to provide withdrawals over this period if special needs or circumstances exist.

Withdrawals received after 26th September will be processed around 21 October in most cases.

Can I sign myself or my whānau up to Whai Rawa during the LSP?

Yes, but new members will be processed after 7 October.

What happens to my payments?

All contributions to Whai Rawa accounts including automatic payments, direct debits and transfers will be held and processed to accounts around 21 October.

Can I still see my account balance online?

Yes but the updated balance won’t be available until after the switch is made.