What training/study is right for you?

Micael Allan

Planning to learn, learning to plan

Like anything in life, making a decision to study at university or polytech means you have lots of choices you can make, such as what to study, how long to study, and where to study.  Whatever choices you make you’ll be investing a lot of your time (and probably money) so putting time into the choices and their consequences means you’re more likely to make decisions you’ll feel good about further down the track.  In this part of the website we’ve got links to various tools and website to help you think about some of these decisions before you make them.

Studying just to learn something new?

Often we just want to learn some stuff without having to spend money or commit to attending classes.  This can also be a great way of building up study skills and knowledge to prepare ourselves for further learning.  If you’re done with reading library books, or want a structured course there are plenty of free courses you can do from home such as the course delivered by Te Wānanga o Aotearoa ‘Papa Whai Rawa (no relation folks!) via their Open Wānanga.   Te Wānanga also have many of the same courses and others available for face to face learning in locations around the country that are free.

Other tertiary providers also offer similar opportunities for free learning.  Internationally there are lots of free online learning opportunities worth exploring .

Want to find a job with good earning potential?

If your main reason for studying is about being employed and/or earning a good income, check out this tool for comparing earning and employment information for different study areas.  It’s been created by Manu Rapuara Aotearoa (Careers NZ) who also have a great range of other resources and information on their website such as Career Quest, a tool that recommends jobs based on your actual interests.  Or you can just check out what jobs are available in the ‘Get Career Ideas. If you register on their site you can also keep all your favourite jobs in one place and compare them.

Occupation Outlook has a good app and lots of useful information about careers.

Paying for your study

Studying at university or polytech can be like an investment in your future.  Choose a bad investment ( e.g. an expensive course with no chance of getting a job) and it may not matter how much effort you invest, you’ll get little return on your investment.   So before you hand over your hard earned cash or incur some big student loan debt, make sure you’ve thought carefully about what you are studying.

Studylink have lots of useful information about paying for your study including scholarships and student loans, as well as guidance for those on a benefit and thinking of studying.

There are also a range of scholarships, including some specifically for Ngāi Tahu which you can find in the scholarships section on the Ngāi Tahu website.

If you’ve got a Whai Rawa account then you should also be able to make a Whai Rawa tertiary education withdrawal to help pay for your course, but remember what you use for study you won’t be able to use for first home purchase so think carefully before requesting a withdrawal.

Other resources/websites

Interested in a career in health? Check out KiaoraHauora.

Sorted has a range of tools and calculators to help you plan for tertiary education. Find out more.

Te Tapuae o Rehua is a partnership between Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu and 5 tertiary institutions in Te Waipounamu  established to encourage scholarship research, personal development and leadership. Find out more.

NZQA  has a range of functions including responsibility for approval of recognised tertiary courses and independent quality assurance of non-university education providers .  Find out more.