Using Whai Rawa to help pay for your tertiary study

A Whai Rawa account can be used to help pay for your NZQA approved (or overseas equivalent) course, but remember what you use for study you won’t be able to use for first home purchase, so if you’re thinking about using Whai Rawa to pay off a Student Loan do some research before requesting a withdrawal.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about using Whai Rawa to pay for your study.

Can I withdraw my Whai Rawa funds while I am studying?  

Yes provided you have taken all steps to obtain other reasonably accessible funding and the costs are study related.

I don’t want a student loan, can I just withdraw my money from Whai Rawa instead?

Because student loans are generally interest free they are usually considered to be a reasonably accessible source of funds.

What if I am studying overseas?

Whai Rawa can normally be used anywhere provided the course is recognised in that particular country.

What if I’ve already had a Whai Rawa tertiary education withdrawal?

There is no limit on the number of withdrawals for tertiary education provided all the other criteria are met.

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