Is home ownership for you?

When Whai Rawa was established home ownership was recognised as one of the keys to enabling whānau to grow their wealth and wellbeing.

There is still plenty of debate about whether in pure money terms it’s better to own your own home, and there are risks involved (see’s website for an up to date Rent or Buy Report). However, home ownership can mean much more than just a roof over your head. It’s about having security, being able to be part of a community, and not having to move when the landlord says go.

It’s important to crunch the numbers so you can work out whether it is right for you. Although it might be more expensive for the first 5 years you might be sure about staying in the same place and you might want the extra security owning your home can provide.

On the other hand if you have your own business or are planning to start one you might want to put all your spare money towards growing the business.

Whatever you decide make sure you’ve thought through your options for the future and decide what is important for you and your whānau.