Using Whai Rawa for home ownership


Using Whai Rawa to buy your first home is straightforward.  You’ll normally be able to access your funds as soon as you have an unconditional agreement in place to buy your first home.

Can I use Whai Rawa to build my first home? 

Yes, provided you have all finance and building consents in place you will be able to withdraw funds towards your build costs.

 Can I build a home on Māori land or someone else’s land?

Provided you are able to show us that you will be able to live in the home for a reasonable length of time (eg a ‘license to occupy’), you should be able to withdraw to build a home in these circumstances.

What if I’ve previously owned a home?

Whai Rawa allows withdrawals for a home purchase for members who may have previously been home owners provided they are in a position equivalent to a first home buyer; we normally follow the Kiwisaver guidelines in deciding on this.

Can I combine my funds with others such as in a trust?

Any options like this will be fully considered provided they help you into some form of home ownership.

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