Financial Capability


Financial capability is about having the ability to make informed judgements and make effective decisions regarding the use and management of money.  It is seen as a spectrum covering financial knowledge and the understanding, confidence and motivation to make financial judgements and decisions. Financial capability is another term for financial literacy, used by some countries and organisations to denote a more behavioural and action-oriented approach; it’s no good learning if you don’t apply it.


2018 – The 2018 Money Week  is 14-20 August. Of course we treat every week at Whai Rawa like a #MoneyWeek so being careful with money, or getting the most out of your money is not a kaupapa for just one week a year. Stay tuned for more details.

Financial Education

Financial education is the process by which financial consumers/investors improve their understanding of financial products. There are many opportunities to engage in financial education.  Find out more.

Financial Knowledge

Financial knowledge is the understanding of a series of facts about the use and management of money. Find out more.

Financial Preparedness

The Christchurch earthquakes proved not everyone is ready for the big one financially. Find out more.

Helpful Websites

Here’s a range of useful website on a range of financial education topics. Find out more.

What We Work Towards

Over the last five years the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income (CFLRI) have become a global leader. Find out more.