Money stretchers

MoneyIt’s always interesting to hear people’s stories about how they stretch their money to free up money for other priorities.  How do you stretch your money?

If you haven’t already tried an online budgeting tool there are plenty you can try such as: ANZ Money Manager or (both free to use regardless of which bank you are with); ASB Track My Spending (you need to be an ASB customer) Westpac’s budget tool or PocketSmith (worldwide but it costs). The NZ Federation of Family Budgeting’s debt schedule and cashflow spreadsheet is a good option if you don ‘t have good internet access.

Or if you want to use an app there are lots to try.

Or if you want to try something different here are some American based tools: YouNeedABudget,

Meanwhile if you are in Aussie, check out the latest information at government website MoneySmart, you can try their budget planner, or some of their other great features including lots of personal finance blogs on a whole range of topics.

For more ideas on improving your finances have a look at our Money Matters section on this website

Let us know what money stretching techniques work for you.

Poua Anaru