Money Week

This week is Money Week and there are events all over the country for those keen to improve their financial habits.  Whether it’s a home buyers workshop in Invercargill, a webinar on financial wellbeing by Hannah McQueen, a financial health check for year 12-13’s (with a chance to win a Samsung tablet), or a free one hour financial advice phone call with a qualified financial advisor, there will be something that suits everyone so check it out now.

There’s also resources for  workplaces, communities and schools including an online Money Style quiz for 9-13 year olds.

If you can’t wait til next week you can do a financial fitness check right now online.

Meanwhile over the ditch they’ve already completed their MoneyWeek 2014 with lots of winners profiled.  One of these winners is Good Shepherd Microfinance who are also partnering organisations in NZ in providing interest-free loans for people on low incomes. One of these partnerships is a pilot with Aviva (Christchurch Women’s Refuge).

The Aussies have also produced a nifty infographic showing who is saving and for what and promoting their saving app.


Poua Anaru