Payment Options

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Listed below are a range of Whai Rawa payment options to make it easier to save.  Remember:

  • to always include a member six digit Whai Rawa number with every payment
  • there is now no minimum amount for any payment

Automatic Payment (AP)

‘Set and forget’ – an AP is the easiest way for most people to save.  When setting up an AP please ensure the member’s six digit Whai Rawa account number is entered in the reference field.

Child members (15 and under) need just $0.97 a week for the 52 week calendar year  to receive the maximum Matched Savings of $200* from Te Rūnanga. Download our tamariki/child AP at $0.97 here.

Adult members (16 and over) need just $3.85 a week for the 52 week calendar year  to receive the maximum Matched Savings of $200* from Te Rūnanga. Download our matua/adult AP at $3.85 here.

Internet Banking (direct deposit)

Another easy way to make either a one-off or regular payment into your account is via internet banking.

Name: The Whai Rawa Trust ANZ (NZ)

Account number: 01-0102-0857398-000

Reference: 6 digit registration number and surname of the person you are making the deposit for.

Or check with your own online banking for Whai Rawa as a ‘bill payment’ option; our bank account details should come up automatically. Our bank account number is on the AP form; (see above link).

Click on your bank logo below to go straight to your Internet Banking Log in.


Ideal for making contributions to multiple accounts, cheque payments are also a good option if you don’t know the Whai Rawa account number/s of the people you want to make a contribution for.  If you do know the members account number, please write it on the back of the cheque otherwise just list their full names and amounts.

Please note overseas cheques are debited a $15 bank fee at the ANZ which Whai Rawa are unable to meet the cost of.  Members in Australia are encouraged to deposit funds into our ANZ Australia account (see below). For members elsewhere, we are reviewing overseas paying services and hope to have more information in the middle part of 2017.

ANZ Australia Account

You can electronically deposit funds into our Australian bank account.  This allows you and your whānau to make one-off or regular payments online from your Australian bank account into Whai Rawa.

We transfer funds from this Australian account into our New Zealand ANZ bank account on the last day of each month.  Earnings will accrue on your deposits from the date they are transferred to our New Zealand bank account.  Our Australian account details are here.

Saving from other overseas places

If you are saving from overseas into our NZ bank account, you may need a SWIFT or IBAN code. The details for these payments are;

Name: The Whai Rawa Trust ANZ (NZ), Queen Street, Auckland, NZ. 1001

Account number: 01-0102-0857398-000

IBAN/SWIFT code – (or sometimes known as BIC / Bank Identifier Code) ANZBNZ22

Don’t forget to put your Whai Rawa account number/reference number with your name so we can apply to the correct account.


  * Te Rūnanga matched savings and distributions are available to all members under 65 years of age (see the Product Disclosure Statement) and are subject to RSCT (retirement scheme contribution tax) deducted at your personal RSCT rate (see the Other Material Information document).