New Statement Layout

Kia ora Whai Rawa whānau,

Sept. MS explained frontThe latest 6-monthly member statement has been sent out; we hope that the layout is easier to follow and we’d love your feedback on our Facebook page at

One point to note, around a third of Whai Rawa members still haven’t supplied all their tax information, which means that they are automatically defaulted to PIR 28% and RSCT 33%.

If you HAVE supplied your IRD number AND correct PIR/RSCT rates, according to your income band, you DO NOT need to include any Whai Rawa earnings on your tax return.

Sept. MS explained backFinally, if your tamariki are in the $14,000 and under income band for last year, or the year before then they should be on 10.5% PIR and RSCT, which means they get the maximum benefit from any matched savings or distribution paid to their account from Te Rūnanga.  Find out more about Whai Rawa and tax here.

Click the images for details explaining the statement, front and rear.