Learning about money together

Madison Money CroppedTamariki are our taonga and like all treasured gifts need lots of looking after.  Raising tamariki can be expensive so it’s important to work out early how to do it on a limited budget.  Sorted has some guidance and here’s some more suggestions and links to other resources that are available to help with this.

When it comes time to teaching tamariki some money skills Sorted has guidance, while some banks have apps such as Crash Critters from Westpac.  Diana Clement has some ideas for talking with your tamariki about money while New Zealand author Sylvia Bowden also has some books that might be helpful.

If you’re already dealing with some tricky money situations with your tamariki, Diana Clement has some guidance.

Some further things you can try include iCan Count Money New Zealand and Celebrity Calamity. The latter allows tamariki to manage their favourite actor’s or sports star’s finances to stop them going bankrupt. iCan Count Money is more basic and allows tamariki to practise counting money.