We’ve added a new security access step to your Member Account login (, known as Multi-factor Authentication. Increasing the security of your data is important to us and this improved process has been planned as part of improvements to your member experience. It is an extra way to help prevent your information being hacked by a third-party.


MFA combines your existing username and password with an additional security factor, usually a temporary verification code sent to you, to confirm your identity and keep your online information secure.

MFA has been widely adopted by banking and social media websites and apps, as it enhances online security by adding another level of identity verification and protection to online accounts.

Once MFA is implemented, upon logging in for the first time on any device, you will be asked to enter a verification code. You will be able to choose how you receive this, either by email, SMS/text, or phone call.

Once completed for that device you won’t have to repeat the MFA process each time you login, unless the authentication system detects unusual user behaviour (for example changes to device location, device resets, using different internet browsers, unusual times or frequency of accessing your account).

For full details on what to do to access your account visit