Succeeding at school needn’t cost the earth

The latest scam to hit the news involves overpriced online learning programmes. It’s been effective with some whānau because it has targeted the real desire of parents to help their children succeed in education and therefore have better chances in life.

Fortunately there are plenty of ways you can enhance the learning of your tamariki and mokopuna outside of school. In addition to the Out of School Tuition funding for registered Ngāi Tahu 8-18 year olds, there are many other free or affordable online resources to assist.

Grants & Scholarships-01First up some UK sites that are worth looking at with most activities not UK specific. Topmarks is a website with lots of free learning resources and games for various ages. Mathszone has lots of maths games worth trying.

Study Ladder is an international resource used (according to its website) by thousands of schools, in NZ and many more around the world. It gives rewards for completing learning activities that can then be used on the website to complete fun activities which works well for lots of tamariki. It can be used at home either in conjunction with school use or separately. There is a limited free use option (3 activities per day) or full paid access.

3plearning is the home of Mathletics and other well-known learning resources that allow you to track the progress of your tamariki. You can trial these for free. Subscriptions for ongoing use are normally$99 for Mathletics and $50 for Spellodrome.

If you are looking for some smartphone and tablet apps for your tamariki to play some maths games, these are some of the best although they mostly have a small cost so here’s some great free ones.

For those at secondary school there are some sites that can help. Te Kete Ipurangi is primarily a resource for schools however it does have lots of resources in both Māori and English medium including some specifically targeted towards whānau such as this one on maths. It also has links to support networks and resources for learners with different needs on its Community page. NCEA Learn Me has NCEA study guides available from $30 per subject.

Here are some other useful sites worth looking at that can help with schooling.

What can work for your whānau? Kōrero mai.