About the club

Ngā Kaitiaki Moni is a fun and interactive club exclusively for Whai Rawa tamariki aged 5-15! There are over 1500 tamariki just like you who are in the club. Ngā Kaitiaki Moni members learn about saving and how to be better kaitiaki of their money with activities, mail at home, competitions and more! Every new member receives a mīharo certificate in the post to celebrate being in the club.

What’s our kaupapa?

Ngā Kaitiaki Moni means ‘the Money Guardians’ in te reo Māori. When you sign up, you too become a money guardian, and this marks the start of your journey to becoming smarter and more savvy with your money.

Meet our cool Kaitiaki!

Ngā Kaitiaki Moni has a bunch of cool Kaitiaki who will help you on your learning journey. Te Hau, Waitaki, Tāne and Mārama along with their kurī (dog) Manawa are our Kaitiaki with natural superpowers to fight and protect Aotearoa.

When you sign up to the club you’ll get to pick your favourite Kaitiaki to join you on your journey!

What else?

Our website will  be updated regularly with new activities for you to complete! Check out the resources pages for games, activities, quizzes, colouring-in and so much more.


Have you joined Ngā Kaitiaki Moni yet?