About the club

Ngā Kaitiaki Moni is the Whai Rawa Kids Club and is a fun and interactive space for Whai Rawa tamariki aged 5-15 to engage with financial capability learning. It is a platform for Whai Rawa to connect with and learn about saving in an enjoyable way with activities, mail at home, competitions and more.


What’s our kaupapa?

Ngā Kaitiaki Moni means ‘the Money Guardians’ which reflects the aim for this initiative – tamariki taking ownership of and engaging in financial learning. This is an important kaupapa, as by age seven most tamariki grasp the value of money and understand that money can be earned, saved, and spent. It is important to introduce your tamariki to these concepts as early as possible to give them the best chance of developing strong financial confidence as they grow older.

Through fun resources, tamariki will learn about and practise with money, saving and helping whānau around the home. This will help develop their financial capability and long-term goal setting and enable them to engage in kōrero about money with whānau. And it’s free if you’re a Whai Rawa member!

Whānau Financial Literacy

We will be updating this platform regularly with new activities, games, and learning tools.
We aim to have tamariki engaged frequently with Ngā Kaitiaki Moni to encourage conversation with whānau at home on topics like whānau finance, saving and long-term goal setting. Tamariki will develop a deeper understanding of money and future aspirations in a fun and interactive way.

Whānau Guide Series

Our Whānau Guide series is designed to help whānau with financial capability learning at home – and there’s always something to learn for the adults and the tamariki!

The guides cover a variety of topics including pocket money, mahi (work), saving, spending and budgeting. You may also discover some new and fun ideas on how to teach your tamariki about these topics.

We have hard copies available so if you’d like your own copy, email us at [email protected] and we can post it out to you.