This savings calculator is designed to illustrate the potential benefit of joining and saving with Whai Rawa.  It’s not a promise, but it should give you an idea of how your money might grow with Whai Rawa, as well as the difference things such as: compound interest; supplying the right tax rates; and the various contributions from Te Rūnanga can make to your account balance.


Your initial deposit/current Whai Rawa balance

Weekly Savings


Tax Rates(Calculate your tax rates here)

Determining your correct PIR and RSCT tax rates

I'd like to calculate my

Tax residency


First home


Based on the information you’ve provided, this illustration suggests you could save $100,000by the age of 65 assuming you don’t withdraw funds before then for tertiary education, home purchase or retirement (Whai Rawa retirement withdrawals are allowed from age 55).

If, for example, you plan to make a full withdrawal for your first home at age 30 you can see from the graph, how much you might have accumulated by that age. You could then rerun the calculator with a zero balance from age 30 to see how much you could save for retirement from age 30.

Check out the detailed assumptions behind the calculator tool here.