TV ONE’s Close Up

You may have seen a ONE news bulletin on Close Up a few years back, about Treaty settlement payouts, and how they’ve been utilised?

If you haven’t you should make time to watch it – click here for a link.

It’s interesting that we’ve now got a third of the iwi enrolled in Whai Rawa and getting a share of the profits that the commercial businesses of Ngāi Tahu make. That equated to just over 17,000 members back when this was filmed and we’re now at 24,500 members. We’d like all enrolled Ngāi Tahu to consider joining Whai Rawa, the medium to long-term savings scheme because we want as many whānau as possible to get the benefits it provides.

If you’re inspired to join now or sign up your tamariki, nephews or nieces go to the ‘Join’ tab at the top of the page where you’ll find our application form and Product Disclosure Statement.