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Signing up to Ngā Kaitiaki Moni is easy and you’ll receive a mīharo certificate to welcome you to the club! Ask Mum or Dad or a whānau member to help you with the form.

For the tamariki

Ngā Kaitiaki Moni is a great place to get fun games, quizzes and videos about stuff Whai Rawa think is important for you to know! Make sure you talk with Mum or Dad or a whānau member before you join! 

For the whānau

Ngā Kaitiaki Moni is a tool for Whai Rawa to communicate directly with our tamariki members and teach them about money, savings, ways to help out their whānau and long-term goals. Verifiable parental consent is required to join Ngā Kaitiaki Moni, so please help your tamariki to fill out the form below.

Please note: these details can be different to your Whai Rawa account information – this information will be held separately to your Whai Rawa details and is only for the use of Ngā Kaitiaki Moni communications. Please see the privacy policy for more information.

Please use an address you would like to receive mail at. Whānau – please fill out a separate form for each tamaiti.

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Please read our Privacy Policy so you can understand how and why we are collecting your information. Click here to read the Policy.


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Ngā Kaitiaki Moni is a club designed only for tamariki aged 5-12 years old.
Choose which of the four Kaitiaki you think is best. Ngā Kaitiaki Moni has a bunch of cool club members who will help you on your learning journey. Te Hau, Waitaki, Tāne and Mārama are our Kaitiaki who all love to protect Aotearoa. You can pick your favourite character so we know who are most like!*

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Read our Privacy Policy.
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