Becoming a parent is an important time in your life – not only because your little pēpi will cost a lot of pūtea over their lifetime. Are you ready for the costs involved with becoming a māmā? Here are some things we think you should consider and some great places to go to get more information.


Having a pēpi can be expensive! Have you considered:
  • Signing up for Smart Start. Head to and sign up and this will allow you access to a bunch of tools and financing including Best Start payments, advice on pregnancy and so much more! You can also apply for an IRD number and birth certificate for your pēpi from here. Also did you know all families, regardless of income, receive money for the first year of their child’s life from the Best Start program. Best Start payments from the Government allow you $65 a week for your pēpi to help with nappies and milk or anything you need! You won’t qualify while you’re on parental leave but as soon as this period is over you will receive this money. Are you aware that Parental leave in Aotearoa is now 26 weeks – or half a year! Find out how much you might qualify for at




  • The Well Child Tamariki Ora service provides care and support for whānau as well as free health checks for pēpi through their first few years of life. Find our more here –





Plunket’s top tips (these are also money tips!!)
  • If you’re buying new, don’t pay full price – buy bigger more expensive items like strollers, car seats, and cots on special.
  • Start buying things like wipes, nappies, soft facecloths and other necessities each time you go grocery shopping. This means you’ll have a stock once your baby arrives. Look for specials and buy in bulk where you can.
  • Borrow items where you can. You can borrow baby beds like basinettes, or wahakura until your child is too big for them, and then return them. Think about joining a toy library rather than buying lots of toys.
  • If friends want to throw you a baby shower, think about what you need and don’t be afraid to ask for specific things – or simply ask for vouchers so you can buy once you know what you need.

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