Often we carry misconceptions about investing and who should invest and wāhine have been traditionally left out of the investing kōrero. Research published by Money & You – a consumer brand from the Financial Services Council – in December 2021 revealed that 60% of women who were surveyed rated their investing literacy as low.

However, research indicates that when women invest, they are good at it. In fact, wāhine can make better investors than tāne!

Investing is for everyone – don’t feel like having a specific amount of money needs to hold you back. $5 a week is a great start. Here are some top tips!

  • Diversification is key – While it’s a big word, the concept is easy to understand. Don’t invest all your money in one place. If you had $1m to invest don’t put it all into property, one type of share or crypto! The same concept applies for $5. Spread out your risk across different types of investments.
  • Set up that automatic payment to ensure good habits – Keeping a regular contribution, no matter how little, will set you up with good habits. Once you realise you don’t miss that $5 or $10 0 a week and once you see your investment grow you’ll feel more and more confident and happy to allocate that payment.
  • KiwiSaver + Whai Rawa are great places to start – Start small but start with investments that you trust. Your KiwiSaver provider can give you lots of information about how to best take advantage of your investment – whether you want to use it for a first home or retirement. The Whai Rawa team can do the same. We have three funds to choose from so take our risk quiz to make sure your fund is the right choice for you. Other considerations such as making sure your tax rate is correct can make a big difference too.
  • Ask for help from trusted sources – Whether or not it is a registered financial advisor, a trusted whānau member or someone you look up to, you can learn a lot about investing by asking questions and doing your research. Trusted websites such as Sorted, the FMA, and the Financial Services Council Money and You site are also great ways of finding out more information about this topic.

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