ID and address requirements

ID and address confirmation

Whai Rawa is required by law**  to verify your identity and address if you are joining as an adult member or if you are an account holder for a child member.  This means your identity and address documents need to be certified by Whai Rawa or by an ‘authorised’ person.

Who is an authorised person?

An authorised person must be one of the following:

What identity and address documents can be used?

Below are listed the documents that you can choose from to submit with your application.

Provide either

One of these primary documents (as long as it contains a photo)

  • Passport
  • Gun licence
  • NZ Certificate of Identity issued by NZ Immigration Services or Department of Internal Affairs, NZ.


A New Zealand driver’s licence* and any one of these:

  • New Zealand or overseas Birth Certificate
  • Correspondence from a Government agency which contains your name, address and any unique reference e.g. IRD number.
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Community Services Card / Super Gold Card
  • Credit or debit card from your bank, bearing your name and signature
  • Recent bank or credit card statement


  • An overseas Driver’s Licence and a New Zealand or overseas Birth Certificate.

Address documents

Please supply us with evidence of your residential address by supplying a certified copy (or the original) of any one of the following (containing your current address):

  • Bank statement/correspondence from another financial institution
  • Local authority rates bill
  • Correspondence from a government agency which contains name, address, and a unique reference (such as IRD number, Client File number or Tenancy Bond reference number)
  • Insurance policy
  • Recent utility bill
  • current vehicle registration or Driver’s Licence*

*Please note: you cannot provide your address verification if you have also provided it for identity verification as outlined above.

(**AMLCFT Act 2009, which came into full force on 1 July 2013)