Non NZ Tax Residents

To ensure you receive the maximum value from your Whai Rawa distributions from Te Rūnanga , you need to supply us with a NZ IRD number even if you never plan to live in or return to NZ.  If you do obtain and supply a NZ IRD number your contributions from Te Rūnanga (matched savings, annual and newborn distributions) will be taxed at the bottom rate of 10.5% which will be fully offset by tax credits Te Rūnanga provides.  No NZ IRD number means you will be taxed on Te Rūnanga contributions at the top rate of 33%. This applies to Retirement Scheme Contribution Tax only, your Prescribed Investor Rate will always be the highest rate 28%.

Whai Rawa have now established a process with IRD to assist overseas-based whānau to obtain their IRD number even if they do not have a fully functioning NZ bank account. The following IR742 form needs to be completed for adults or children to obtain a NZ IRD Number: IR742 Application Form

Supporting documentation will be necessary and aligns with information required for Whai Rawa membership. This will differ when a parent/guardian is applying on behalf of a child under the age of 16.

The following guide will assist you to complete the application for Whai Rawa to verify and submit the application on your behalf.

Members Guide to Complete IR742

IR742 Application Form

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Unsure whether you have a NZ IRD number or can’t remember what it is?  Call IRD on +64 4 978 0779  or if you are visiting NZ 0800 775 247.

Unsure whether you are a NZ tax resident?  Call IRD on +64 4 978 0779  or if you are visiting NZ 0800 775 247 to ask for a clarification, or you can find out more here.

Recently returned from living overseas? Call IRD on 0800 775 247, or find out more here.